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Knightsune was founded in Zaragoza at the beginning of 2017 when Diego Alastruey (guitar) and Carlos Vicente (bass) came together to create a heavy metal project with influences from power and thrash metal. They would be joined by Víctor Visiedo (guitar) shortly after, and the lineup was finally completed at that time with Jaime on vocals and Bruno on drums; these last two members would leave the band a few months later, joining Rubén Castrillo (drums) then. With four members and already a good amount of their own songs, the band began to work and released several demos with Carlos on vocals while continuing to search for a singer.

After an exhaustive search, Víctor Alcalá (vocals) enters to complete the current line-up, return to the stage and definitively launch into the publication of his first album. Recorded by Knightsune during 2020, this first work, mixed and mastered by Ferran Munsó in Horizons (Girona) and with a cover by Alba Palacio, their very first album "Knightsune" was released at the beginning of 2021.

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Knightsune (2021)


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