Our Agency helps you develop your project from the very beginning, working on new ideas to contribute to the growth of you band or guiding you in the next steps to follow.

We want to create meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our customers, using the knowledge of our experts to get the results you desire.

From creating your own merchandise, finding the best studio for your recording sessions, booking shows  or releasing your albums, we offer many different options to achieve the best plan according to your goals.


Make money selling custom band merch that your fans (and those ones who are not fans yet) would wear proudly.
Graphic Designers
We set up your Store
Partnerships with Print-on-demand (POD) Companies


Finding gigs and getting booked for shows isn't always as easy as it seems. We help you develop a strategy to promote your music internationally: we have experience with bands from the European scene, direct connection with promoters, local venues and summer festivals.
Concert and TOUR Enquiries
Social Networking with Local Promoters & Venues
Contract Business Terms

Recording Sessions

We have partnerships with some Recording Studios for all music styles: we help you to find the best studio according to your needs, with the best gear, the best producers and the best sound engineers. We also offer distribution and promotion of your music through our record label.
Recording Studio Rentals
Record Label
Music Platforms and Royaltie Payments

Photo and Video

We have partnerships with some Photographers and Videographers for all music styles: we help you to find the best session according to your needs.
Photo Session
Make-up artists

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