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SERAINA TELLI is a singer, songwriter and musician from Switzerland that lives for her music. Well known to be the vocalist of the heavy metal band BURNING WITCHES, she left the band in 2019 to focus on her other project DEAD VENUS and she started her solo career in 2022 with her debut album "Simple Talk", that was released through Metalville Records.

The charismatic Swiss leaves a long lasting impression, both visually and musically. Her music is as colorful and varied as her hair color. The multi-talent doesn’t like to stick to one style. For her debut album, however, she remains true to her Rock’n’Roll roots. Skillfully packs current topics in rousing and catchy songs that invite you to dance and celebrate.

Catch her on the road alongside with Rico H (Stoneman and AnnaLux) on drums and bass player Alice Lane (Emigrate) in her upcoming European Tour as a Headliner!

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"Simple Talk" (2022)


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